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China Telecom considers significant investment in Mexico


China Telecom Corporation Ltd. Subsidiary said in a statement recently that its holding company, China Telecom, made a preliminary study on an investment opportunity with Mexico to introduce mobile broad band network valued in US$10 billion. The Company is trying to establish a consortium with local partners to build and operate the network. Chinese banks have already supported this project investing several million dollars. The proposed network is part of a reform designed to make an effort to compete in the telecommunications business and to reduce market penetration of broad band technology in Mexico.

Coahuila state promotes Mexico shale gas investment opportunity

The Governor of Coahuila, Rubén Moreira Valdez, met recently with the Mexican Secretary of the Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo, where they discussed the development of industrial parks for the state of Coahuila in response to the increased employment, GDP of the state in general as well as the upcoming shale gas investment activity. The Secretary of the Economy reiterated his commitment and support to Coahuila in relation to the shale gas opportunity.



Mexico's Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon want to attract U$700 million for wind energy projects


Mexico's Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon states seek to raise over USD 700 million in wind energy investments, Jose Maria Leal, head of Tamaulipas' energy agency has been quoted in local press.


Investors  are considering strategic locations for projects worth over USD 100 million each which will generate jobs, facilitate regional development and lower electricity costs. The first wind farm will be built in Ciudad Victoria city in March 2015 and will generate some 100 MW initially, while an additional 150 MW is planned for a later stage.


Tamaulipas already has a 54-MW wind park opened last year in Reynosa by retailer Soriana. There are wind projects in the municipalities of Llera, Casas and Matamoros, among others.

Spanish companies plan to invest U$14 billion in power projects in Mexico



Spain's Iberdrola, Gamesa and Acciona said they planned to invest nearly $14 billion in Mexico's energy industry between 2015 and 2018.


Mexico expects to have an installed generating capacity of more than 9,500 MW, a level equivalent to 8 percent of total power generation in the country.


Iberdrola has plans to invest up to $5 billion in Mexico, Alvaro Portellano, director of regulatory affairs for renewable energy of the company's Mexican subsidiary, said in a joint press conference in January 2015 with executives from the other firms.

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