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Texas and Mexico sign transportation agreement to increase border infrastructure projects


Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed on September 8, 2015 a transportation agreement between the Texas Department of Transportation and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) of Mexico to promote and increase bilateral collaboration on future border infrastructure projects.


Additionally, Governor Abbott and Mexico announced the creation of an energy task force to foster economic growth on both sides of the border by finding new and innovative energy solutions.


“The state of Texas recognizes the importance of its long term partnership with Mexico, which is why we must continue to expand our dialogue on issues such as border security, transportation and energy,” said Abbott. “Today’s transformative agreement on transportation signifies Texas’ and Mexico’s intent to expand highway infrastructure, encourage economic development and facilitate bilateral trade on both sides of the border.


“I am also pleased to announce Texas and Mexico’s intent to establish an energy task force, which will foster discussions on energy reform as developments in the energy industry proliferate at home and across the border. Texas and Mexico meet at the center of North America’s vast energy resources, and this task force will provide a unique opportunity to enrich economic growth and development for both sides.”


Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Mexico Secretary of Foreign Affairs highlighted that “such a deep and diverse relationship as the one Mexico and Texas share flourishes when there is communication and mutual understanding. Governor Abbott´s visit reflects the will to take that path.”


Transportation Agreement


• Maintain consistent oral and written communication regarding binational transportation and border issues.

• Promote bilateral collaboration in the exchange of information and research impacting motor vehicle border land crossings.

• Increase collaboration on future border infrastructure projects.


Energy Task Force


• Continue to strengthen and modernize our interconnected electric and natural gas infrastructure.

• Develop resources to find additional energy solutions.

• Promote investments in the energy value productive chain.



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